Northern Virginia Birth Doula

What We Provide for Every Mom

All Birth Doula Packages Include

Free Consultation

One free one-hour, no obligation, face-to-face consultation get to know one another, discuss your needs and decide if we're your best choice to meet those needs

Birth Plan

Assistance creating your birth plan, including preferences for delivery room partner (or partners, if applicable); who can visit and when; comfort and pain management measures; fetal monitoring; if and when you'd like pharmaceutical pain relief; preferred pushing method; episiotomy options; who will cut the umbilical cord; skin-to-skin contact after birth; when and where newborn care will be conducted; standard newborn procedures including erythromycin, vitamin k, and hepatitis B vaccine; when and if to circumcise; when you're willing to consider inducing labor; and what to do in the event of a cesarean

We Advocate For You

Assistance in achieving the birth you desire by informing you of other options and advocating for your desires both prenatally and during labor/delivery

Prenatal Support

Unlimited prenatal support via telephone or e-mail

Rebozo & TENS Unit

Rebozo included for use at home and in labor and use of a TENS unit in early labor and as long as you desire it during labor

Labor & Delivery Support

Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for both you and your partner for the duration of your labor and delivery

Postpartum Support

Emotional support for both you and your partner postpartum to process birth, bond with your new baby, and initiate breastfeeding

Birth Doula Pricing