Workshops & Classes

Child Birth Education:

Push it Real Good: The Guide to Rockin' Your Birth

Welcome to "Push it Real Good," the childbirth class with a groove! This is a rockin' celebration of bringing new life into the world. Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, we believe that childbirth should be as empowering and joyful as it is challenging.

In this fun and interactive in-person course, you'll learn everything you need to know about labor and delivery. We'll cover the essentials of breathing techniques, pain management, and birthing positions, but we'll do it with a smile.

The class is held over a weeknight and a weekend for a total of 5 hours.  The price is $250.00 and includes two participants.


  • July 24th and July 27th

Location and time

Sanctuary of the Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church:
10125 Lakehaven Ct.
Burke, VA 22015 from 6:00-9pm


The price is $250.00 and includes two participants.

What to Expect:

- Rhythmic Relaxation: Discover how to use relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and focused during labor.

- Rockstar Techniques: From classic breathing to electronic pain relief, we'll give you the lowdown on methods that work best for you.

- Partner Power: Get your support team involved with fun exercises that will have them feeling like your biggest fans.

- Movin' and Groovin': Learn the best positions for labor that will keep you comfortable and in control.

- Laughs and Love: Our lighthearted approach will ensure you feel confident, prepared, and ready to face labor with a smile.

Join us for "Push it Real Good" and transform your childbirth experience into a rockin' good time. Because when it comes to bringing your baby into the world, you're the headliner of the greatest show on earth!


CPR Education

Our CPR Classes are in partnership with the  American Heart Association Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED Training Course teaches the lifesaving skills that all parents and professionals need to know to respond to and manage illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives.

The course covers how to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations and provide early use of an AED.


  • 8/18/24 in Rockville, MD or Burke, VA
  • 9/15/24 in Rockville, MD or Burke, VA
  • 10/20/24 in Rockville, MD or Burke, VA
  • 11/17/24 in Rockville, MD or Burke, VA
  • 12/15/24 in Rockville, MD or Burke, VA

Location and time

Maryland: 5914 Hubbard Drive, Rockville, MD 20852 from 12:30-3pm

Virginia: 10125 Lakehaven Ct., Burke, VA 22015 from 5:30-8pm


  • $50 for training only
  • $40 for virtual/online training only
  • $75 for full certification (includes 2 years certification)
  • $55 for professional skills check only.