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    Gentle (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Preparation: The placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger, sliced thin and dehydrated. It is then ground into a powder and put into capsules. This method is good for placentas that have had slight meconium staining or moms who are worried about bringing balance to their postpartum cycles.

    High Yield (Raw Foods) Preparation: Some mothers decide to forego the steaming process and have their placenta encapsulated raw. Hormones and nutrient load are lessened when food is cooked so in this preparation the placenta is gently cleaned, sliced, and dehydrated slowly on low heat, then ground, and put into capsules. This method is preferred by moms who feel their energy levels need boosting after their baby's birth.

    A tincture is used after the pills have been consumed and can last indefinitely. I will put a sliver of your fresh placenta to soak in 100-150 proof alcohol for 24 hours or up to six weeks, then I will strain it for you into convenient sized bottles for storage. Many women use their placenta tincture to help them through their menopause years. Tinctures can be stored indefinitely if properly sealed, and come in a dropper bottle with dosage suggestions.

    Placenta Prints: Using edible food coloring gels along with your natural fluids I can capture the "Tree of Life" so you can preserve the likeness of the organ that kept your baby alive.

    Smoothie Cubes: All or part of your placenta prepared and frozen in cubes in order to be consumed in fruit smoothies

  • Client Instructions

    1. Please discuss your plans with your caregiver ahead of time in order to prepare for the best transition for your placenta.
    2. Bring two one-gallon sized zip lock bags (with your name on them) and a small cooler to your birth place.
    3. You, your partner, or doula may alert me to your labor which will facilitate quicker pick up.
    4. After the baby is born, please double bag your placenta in your zip lock bags and call me if I am not already with you. If your cooler is large enough you can opt to use the container that your birth place provides.
    5. Please put your placenta on ice in your cooler (there is usually an ice station in every Labor & Delivery hallway). If you have the ability to refrigerate the placenta overnight for pick up the next morning that is usually preferred over keeping it on ice.
    6. Have your placenta ready for me to pick up and return to you at our postpartum follow up. Pick up is typically during "daytime hours" unless there is a pressing need to retrieve the placenta from postpartum before morning. (i.e. there is no place to refrigerate or the placenta must leave the hospital before you are moved to postpartum.)
    7. If you have opted to have the placenta prepared in your own home please make sure that it is on ice and refrigerated within four hours of birth. As long as it is kept cold it can be transported home. Please do not freeze the placenta if you want services to commence within the first four days of birth. If you would like me to wait longer than this four day window to encapsulate, then it is appropriate to freeze. However, your placenta must be thawed for 48 hours in the refrigerator before I can come work on it.
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